Medical Library Collections

The Museum of History of Medicine

The library houses a Museum of the History of Medicine. Dr. Siegfried Plaschkes was the initiator of the Museum which was later transferred to the Hebrew University Medical Library. It contains collections of medals, ex-libris (bookplates), Hebrew amulets, medical stamps, a number of ancient instruments, and more. The Berman Medical Library oversees maintenance and management of the museum. Ongoing digitization of the collection is part of the library’s digital collections.



The Historical Book Collection

This collection contains written works about the history of medicine and related subjects from the 19th century onwards, and rare books and facsimilies dating back to the 13th century. In addition, the library holds a collection dealing with the works of Rambam (Maimonides) that was donated by Dr. Zussman Muntner. This collection is one of its kind and is one of the most important collections in Israel.
The history of medicine books and rare book collection are searchable in the Hebrew University libraries catalog.