Scholarly Publications


The ORCID system generates a one-to-one identification for any researcher registered in it, creating a reliable link between publications, researchers, and academic institutions.
More details about the system and the registration process can be found in the link.

Collecting Research Output:

Using ORCID is part of a comprehensive process of all Israeli universities to create a database that will hold information about the academic activities of researchers in Israeli universities. In the coming months Israeli universities intend to implement the PURE system, designed to harvest publications from various databases.


  Open Access:

An open access article is an article that any one can access online fully and without payment.
There are two main ways to publish open access articles:

  • Gold Open Access: The authors bear the publication costs, and the publisher makes the article accessible immediately.
  • Green Open Access: The term can refer to the method in which the article is published in a journal and becomes accessible only after an "Embargo Period" of several months. The term can also refer to articles that are published by a university as open to the public, but without the process of a "Peer Review".

Different publishers and journals employ different methods of open access publishing.

Agreements with publishers:

The Hebrew University works to create agreements and collaborations that will help its researchers publish in open access. Information on existing agreements, including persons of contact in libraries, and general information on open access publishing, can be found in the link.