Moodle - Management of Reading lists

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1. Adding reading list component to a course in Moodle powerpoint    Powerpoint presentation

  • In most courses the component “Reading list” already exists.

In this case skip this section

  • If not, click “Turn editing on”
  • Click “Add an activity or resource”
  • Choose the icon Leganto leganto 
  • In the field “Activity name” enter the reading list name of your choice
  • Scroll down and click “Save and return to course”
  • By clicking on the link, you can open the reading list and edit it

2. Adding item from the library catalogue to the Reading list FileWatch video

  • When the list is empty, you should first give a name to a "Section" and then add bibliographic items to the list
  • More “Sections” could be further created to divide the list into lessons, topics etc.
  • To add a bibliographic item, click “Add item”
  • In the new window click “Search” and choose “Hufind local repository” to search the item in the library catalogue
  • From the list of results, choose the needed one and drag it into the reading list

3. Adding item from the internet to the Reading list  FileWatch video

  • If you wish to use materials from the internet/databases in your reading list, add the component “Cite it!” to your browser’s toolbar (preferable Chrome or Firefox).
  • Click on your profile icon in the reading list and choose “Cite It!” from the menu
  • In the new window click on the button “Cite it!” and drag it to the browser’s bookmarks toolbar, then close the window
  • Search the needed item in the internet (Google Scholar, JSTOR, Amazon etc.), open it and click “Cite it!” on the toolbar
  • The bibliographic details of the item will appear in the new window. Fill all required details if missing (author, title, source etc.)
  • Scroll down and in the rubric “Select or Search a reading list” and choose the course’s number/name
  • Click “Add and close”. The selected item will appear in the reading list
  • See more on “Cite it!” here

4. Adding item from your computer to the reading list FileWatch video

  • Click “Add new item” and in the new window choose the tab “Create”
  • Fill in the required bibliographic details
  • Drag the file from the computer into the field “Source”, then scroll down and click “Add”

5. Managing and publishing the reading list  FileWatch video

  • You can manage a reading list by dividing it into sections by topics, dates etc.
  • Choose “New Section”, name it, and click “Create”
  • To move an item into a section, place the cursor on the item, move the cursor to the blue stripe that appeared on the side and drag it to the new location
  • To move the section, close it with “>”, and drag it to the new position
  • To allow students to see the reading list, click on the button “…” in the list’s title line, and choose “Publish” from the dropdown menu