3D Models Collection

מודלים תלת ממדיים

Mathematics and Computer Science Library

Collection Description

Physical mathematical models include reproductions of solid geometrical surfaces and figures that enable visualizing abstract mathematical concepts. The most famous and impressive collection of mathematical models and instruments is the Schilling collection, developed in Göttingen in the 19th century. Models from this collection inspired many artists, notably the artist Mann Ray. The collection had a long history when the German mathematicians Hermann Amandus Schwartz and Felix Klein organized and changed the direction of the collection in favor of teaching geometry and geodesy.

A selection of mathematical models of plaster were included in the Klein collection, which was acquired in 1927 by Prof. Edmund Landau to the Mathematics Library at the Hebrew University. The collection includes cast models by Schilling and an example of an original catalog of the company.

Also in the library are conic sections and polyhedra models made of plastic, and paper models of the art of Maurits Cornelis Asher. The models are displayed regularly at the entrance to the library.