Publication Metrics and Evaluation

The Medical Library provides research metrics and evaluation services for various needs:

Academic Advancement

Evaluation of a researcher's academic publications is a tool used in the process of academic advancement. The evaluation is supported by a system of counting and measuring which is able to produce a ranking of an academic paper and of the journals in which it was published. The information needed is drawn from the WOS and JCR  databases. A similar service is given for the granting of awards on the basis of academic achievement.

Creating reports of academic publication metrics for the purpose of evaluating quality of research and of instruction in the University's teaching departments requested by external bodies – e.g., the Council for Higher Education.

Consultation services regarding journal metrics prior to publishing papers.

Evaluation of research and teaching for funding purposes – The Planning and Budget Committee of the Council for Higher Education and other external bodies.


CRIS – Current Research Information System - is a database or information system for the storage and management of data about research carried out in an academic institution. This type of system for data management regarding research quality, also contain information about funding sources. It is designed to facilitate measuring research for quality according to institution affiliation, area of research, and researcher profile (ORCID or Researcher ID). Measurements take into account publications, citations, DOIs and copyright policies of online journals. The meta-data which appears is regularly updated.

For researchers this system is meant to provide easy access to relevant information for gathering and completing their data.  For research administrators it provides a basis for measuring and analyzing research activity, easy access to information for comparative uses, and optimization of the funding process for initiators of research in academic institutions.


You may request this service from Ms. Irena Schwartzman:

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