Online Course

The Online “Information and Library Resources” Course (In Hebrew only)


Welcome to the “Information and Library Resources” course of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty.

The course is designed to give you basic tools in using the various library resources, so you could search and find materials easily and efficiently with all the means the library offers.

The course is entirely online on Moodle, without any classroom lessons, and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. The course and the exam are only available in Hebrew

However, to take the exam you must be connected to the Hebrew University network, using remote access.


To enter, click here


The course has two mandatory units and one optional unit:

  • Searching library and national catalogues (mandatory)
  • Searching for articles in databases (mandatory)
  • Databases search (optional)

The course is graded pass/fail, and a score of 80% is required to pass. The grade is not part of your average grade calculation, but a passing grade is required before you can register to advanced courses in the Natural Sciences Faculty and complete your degree. We recommend that second year students complete the course by the end of the first semester.

Anyone registered in the course in either semester can finish the course by the end of the second semester exam period. However, we recommend finishing it during your first semester.

Successfully completing the “Information and Library Resources” courses of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (numbered 74122), or the Medical Library (numbered 94606) does not exempt you from this course.

Registration to the course is done though the course registration system. A student who got a passing grade in one of the following courses has finished the course. The course numbers for the “Information and Library Resources” for students of the Natural Sciences Faculty are as follows:

  • 76411 for Mathematics students
  • 76412 for Physics students
  • 76413 for Chemistry students
  • 76414 for Life Sciences students
  • 76415 for Earth Sciences students
  • 76416 for Computer Science students
  • 76417 for High School students


For further questions and details you can write to: