Library Services

Reference Services

Reference services
The library's reference department is responsible for providing individual and group instruction to all library readers. The training includes library orientation, catalog, library resources and bibliographic management software.

Two computers for catalog searching without username and password are set opposite the circulation desk.

The library is connected to the "HUJI-guest" wireless network.

Access to online library resources is limited to students and staff of the Hebrew University.

The use of library resources via personal computers requires remote access and user name and password identification.

Instruction in library resources
Undergraduate students receive two training sessions to familiarize themselves with the library and its resources.

The first year students have compulsory training sessions starting the second week of the academic year. Details about the training sessions are given on the first year orientation day.

Second year students will participate in an online course "Library resources".

Graduate students participate in training sessions during their department seminar or by coordination with the department secretary.

Click here for Tutorials on various topics: Library Catalog, Databases, Impact Factor and more

Bibliographic list
There are various methods for citing bibliographic sources. Please consult the lecturer on the required citation style. Detailed guide to citation writing.


Individual or group training can be scheduled. assistance in finding a book or an article is available too. Please contact the library reference librarian

Hemdat Wolf 08-9489934

Reut Glick 08-9489907

Circulation Rules

Books are lent based on presentation of an up-to-date reader’s card. A student card serves the purpose.

Circulation Desk:  08-9489475 / 08-9489269

Book Loans

Who is allowed to borrow

Documents needed

Loan rights

Hebrew University students

Up-to-date Hebrew University student card or ID card

Up to 20 books from general collection (including fiction)
Up to 10 reserve books

Hebrew University faculty

University employee card

Outside teachers/visiting researchers

Official university authorization +ID card


University staff and retired

University staff card or  pensioner's card

Up to 10 books from general collection (including fiction)

Hebrew University graduates

University graduate's card + NIS 520 per year

Up to 10 books from general collection (including fiction) Electronic resources cannot be accessed.

Faculty & master’s/doctoral students from other Israeli universities

ID card and Letter of responsibility from the central library of their institution

Up to 10 books from general collection
Reserve books cannot be borrowed
Electronic resources cannot be accessed.

Annual subscribers

ID card and NIS 650 annual payment to access a single library. Every additional library costs another NIS 150.

Up to 2 from general collection
Electronic resources cannot be accessed.

External department students

Authorization from the External department and  ID card and check deposit (NIS 500)

Up to 2 from general collection  or reserve books


Length of Loan
The length of loans is recorded in the catalog  and can be searched there. If questions arise, the library’s records are the determining factor.

Type of Item

Length of Loan

Reserved books

3 or 7 days with automatic extension for up to 4 months if no one requests the book.

Regular books: academic and light reading

7 days with automatic extension for up to 1 year if no one requests the book.

Reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias)

For use only in the library


For use only in the library

Readers are responsible for checking their reader’s card as to whether their book loans are still valid.


Extension of Book Loans
Books that have been borrowed for up to 3 days or up to 7 days will normally be extended automatically for up to one year.
Circumstances under which the loan period will not be extended:

  • Another reader requests it
  • The reader’s card is no longer valid
  • The reader owes money to the library

The reader will be notified by email if the book cannot be extended beyond a certain date

Book Requests
Books may be requested, only if all copies of the book are listed in the catalog as having been borrowed. The reader must order a copy through the catalog. If, for some reason, the book cannot be ordered through the catalog, the request should be referred to the Circulation Desk.

When the requested book has returned to the library, an email notice will be sent to the reader who requested it.

Books from the Reserved Collection will wait for pickup at the circulation desk for 2 days. Books from the General Collection  will wait there for 7 days.  After that, they will be returned to the shelves.

Book Returns

  • Readers are responsible for the books they borrow, including keeping up-to-date on when it must be returned, through the reader’s card.
  • Readers who hold books they no longer need are requested to return them to the library.
  • The library is entitled to demand the return of a needed book even before its listed return date.
  • A reader who declares that the borrowed item has been lost or returns it damaged will pay its cost plus NIS30 handling cost. The reader is entitled to acquire an identical and undamaged copy and present it to the library instead.
  • During library hours, books must be returned to the circulation desk of the library from where it was borrowed.
  • When the library is closed, books may be returned  in the book returns box at the library entrance.

Late book returns will be fined, as follows:

  • Books from the general collection that were specially requested – NIS 10 for every day that a book is returned late, including Fridays, Shabbats, holidays, and days that the university is closed according to schedule.
  • Reserve books – NIS 3 for every hour of delay, or NIS 30 for each day a book is returned late.
  • Books that were borrowed by special permission, and were returned late, will be treated the same as books that were specially requested.

The Library Authority is entitled to update the schedule of fines, as it sees fit.

Recurring late returns, late returns which harm other students, or unpaid fines will be treated as follows:

  1. The reader's card will be blocked
  2. Service will be refused to the reader in his/her faculty
  3. The reader's personal data sheet in the university will be blocked, and he or she will not be allowed to participate in exams.



Interlibrary Loan


Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan allows Hebrew University students and faculty to order books and journal articles from the Library Authority and other academic libraries in Israel and the world.

The service is offered to staff and students, for research and teaching purposes for free during 2019/20 academic year. 


Fiction is available for free From The Hebrew University Libraries.  From other universities for fee of  16 NIS, from colleges 25 NIS.


Anyone with a valid reader's card is allowed to use this service.


The book/article you require could be available in the library. Please check the catalogue before ordering.


Please fill in the form to request a book \ chapter \ article.



Book orders are subject to the Copyright Law. Accordingly, it is forbidden to photocopy, print, or scan the major part of a copyrighted work without the express permission of the copyright holder.

A "fair use" exception is made for copies used for personal study, research, critiques, surveys, press reports, or instruction or examination in an educational institution.

Disregard of these instruction is a violation of the law


You will be informed by phone or email when the book arrives, and can be picked up in the library. Articles are sent directly by email.


Contact Us:

Telephone:  08-9489068


Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-14:00 




Booking of Study Rooms

Computing and Networks

Remote Access
To access the University databases, electronic journals and electronic books from home, you need a username and password.
Registration for Hebrew University's remote services is done via the University's RAP site, which is maintained by the Computer Authority. 
You can register, change your password, recover a lost password, or update user details.
After registration you can connect to Hebrew University servers via Samba VPN service 
Follow the instructions to install the "anyconnect" file on your computer. The proper connection is VPN Client.

Accessing Personal Files
The material saved in personal folder, can be accessed from home. Connect to MyPlace enter the username and password used in campus.

Remote Access to Faculty Computers
You can connect to campus computers from home and work as if you are here. This way you can use software without installing on your home computer. 

For more information, click here​​​​​​​.

Wireless Connection to Internet
The library offers laptop connection to the Internet. See explanation 
You can connect as a guest, or as a Hebrew University student.
For the second option, the username and password for remote access (Samba) are required


Printing, Copying and Scanning

Two black and white printers and one color printer are located in the library’s photocopying and printing room. Payment is by credit card or print card, which can be bought at the Computer Farm (at the cafeteria building).

Cloud Printing – Printing from Mobile Devices
Cloud printing /mobile printing  allows email files to be printed for a fee, on any of the public printers of the Hebrew University.
The printer will identify the sender by his email address. Files to be printed should be sent to one of the following addresses:

Black & white         

Duplex black & white



Please note that cloud printing is significantly slower than printing from network computers.


Printing prices:

15 agorot for a regular black and white page and for the first side of a page printed on both sides.

13 agorot for the second side of a page printed on both sides.

Color printers charge 1 NIS per page, and do not print on both sides.



Photocopy machines are located in the photocopying and printing room and in Room 107 on the ground floor of the library.

Payment is by credit card.

Photocopy price:

16 agorot for A4 page.



A4 and A3 pages can be scanned free of charge near the Fiction book shelves.



Borrowing Laptops and Other Equipment

Laptops and equipment loan

20 laptops for public use, can be borrowed for 3 hours, for use within the library

Can be borrowed at the circulation desk for 3 hours, for use within the library

USB Charger
Can be borrowed at the circulation desk for 3 hours, for use within the library

Electronic Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary
8 electronic dictionaries can be borrowed, prior request, at the Circulation Desk, before English exams

Cellular modems
Can be borrowed for students leaving for army reserve duty by presenting a call-up order

Erasable boards
Can be borrowed at the circulation desk for 3 hours, for use within the library

Laptop stand

4 stands for holding a laptop.

Network cables


The Library of Agriculture, Food and Environment is located at the center of the Hebrew University's Rehovot campus.

The library is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator.

An accessible restroom is located on the ground floor of the library.

Accessibility aids
·         An accessible work station with an adaptable table that can be height-adjusted.

·         Closed Circuit TV for screen enlargement.

·         Hebrew text reading software: Almareader

·         ZOOMText software to interpret text for low vision.

Contact information: