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Access to the digital services of the library is limited to Hebrew University students and academic staff. When using personal computer, one must identify him/herself with a user name and a password. All floors of the library are connected to and open Wi-Fi network known as “Huji Guest”.
The reference staff offers individual and group trainings to the students and academic staff. The schedule of these would be published on the website and on other communication channels with the library. In addition, the law faculty academic staff is welcome to schedule thematic database and material trainings according to their needs.
The reference desk is active daily (Sun.-Thur.) from 11:00-16:00. In case of any change, notification would be sent via the various communication channels with the library.
Introducing the library training
In cooperation with the Student Union, the library offers introduction sessions for first year students getting acquainted with library sources, the library catalogue and knowing the library usage rules. Any questions or requests should be directed to the reference staff.
Reference help to first year students in Legal Writing and Research course
During submission of the headlines and the final paper in this course, the library holds special in advance individual meetings to all student who desire help in finding reference material for their papers.
Bibliographicy citation methods
Different systems are in use for quoting bibliographic sources. It is recommended to consulting with course instructors regarding the system they prefer.
Within the Hebrew University Law Faculty, the main citation systems relied on in legal writing  is the “uniform quotation system” for Hebrew source materials (in Hebrew also known as the “purple book”) and the  BLUEBOOK system used for quoting foreign sources. The library has guidebooks on these two citation systems. Print copies of the BLUEBOOK are available at the library circulation desk and some of them may be borrowed overnight or for the weekend. On the upper level in the library, there is one computer station with the online version of the Bluebook. Please turn to the circulation desk to get the access information.
The popular citation style in criminology is according to APA. 
Reference management programs
There are various reference management programs that assist the students  to manage their bibliographic references much easier and more effective. The Hebrew University offers free access to Sciwheel (formerly F1000) and to EndNoteWeb. One can also use free programs such as Mendeley or Zotero.
Contact information of the reference librarian, Mrs. Judith Schlissel:
Phone number: 02-5882586
You can also contact the library staff by:
Whatsapp: 054-8820158 (Sunday-Thursday,  09:00-15:00)


Circulation Rules



Interlibrary Loan


An inter-library loans (ILL) service allows Hebrew University students and faculty to order books and journal articles from the Hebrew University Library Authority libraries and other academic libraries in Israel and the world for the purpose of research and teaching.
ILL ordering from Israeli universities is free of charge.
ILL orders from Israeli colleges obliged by payment:
Book order – 25 NIS.
Article order – 25 NIS (handling costs) + 8 NIS for every ten pages.

Means of payment
The order can be paid by: credit card, cash, or budget clause number (for those entitled).
Important: Before requesting an inter library loan, check in the HUfind catalogue to see that the book or the journal needed is not owned by the library.
Every order handled by the library will be charged even if the requester is no longer in need of the material. Disregarding the payment will prevent from the user receiving any further library services.
An e-mail notification upon arrival in the library of the requested book to the chosen library will be sent by an e-mail.
The requested article will be sent by e-mail in PDF format.
To the online order form click here.

1. A reader who does not return a requested book will be blocked from borrowing and from extending already-borrowed books.
2. A reader who has lost a book will be charged the cost of replacing the book and until payment has been made, will be blocked from borrowing and from extending already-borrowed books.
For inter-library loan help, contact the law library’s ILL librarian, Ms. Leah Kipnis.

Contact Us:
Telephone:  02-5881086

Any materials orders are subject to the Copyright Law. Accordingly, it is forbidden to photocopy, print, or scan the major part of a copyrighted work without the express permission of the copyright holder.
A "fair use" exception is allowed for personal study, research, critiques, surveys, press reports, or instruction or examination in an educational institution.
Disregard of these instructions is a violation of the law.



Booking of Study Rooms

Computing and Networks

OneHUJI - Access service to the library resources

Access electronic resources directly via the Library Website or the Library Catalog.
You will be prompted to login to HUJI  - no need to run VPN!

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